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Nonlinear Storytelling in the Visual to Emotive Web

I'm trying to raise my profile so that I can find more freelance projects to work on, so I've made a film of me talking about the value opportunity of nonlinear storytelling and how we are moving from the Visual to the Emotive Web.


I'm using a tool called 'embedplus' above to create chapter markers. I looked into several tools to do this and none (!?) of them visually cue the there is a chapter marker and what it says.

All I'm asking for is a little mark. Scenechat provides this but for me to use scenechat I have to 1. Use Facebook (I don't for my professional life) and 2. apply Scenechat to every video I embed on my website -- there's no need to. (Though, to be fair, Scenechat has a code that blocks its service but then I have to go back through 2 years of blog posts and embedded videos to stick the 'no Scenechat' code on them. That's too time consuming.)

It would be helpful to have this on the video on YouTube, where I expect people will find my video.

This seems like a simple thing to me, don't these startups have UX people?

The reason I want the chapter markers and to be able to preview what they say is that I want people watching or curious about what I have to say to be able to preview what I have to say at different points in time.

Why is this important? Because most people don't make it past the first 30 seconds of video. Sure I could put the marker titles in text below the video but why count on that someone is going to scroll.

Most people solve this by uploading and embedding videos in short 'sound bytes'. Again, why count on that someone is going to scroll? And all the content in my one video flows together.


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